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Coconut Rice & Peas
Tender long-grain rice, kidney beans, scallions, scotch bonnet, thyme, chef seasoning, hint of lime,..
Fluffy White Rice
Salted long grain white rice, cooked until tender and fluffy. ..
Fluffy Yellow Rice
Long grain white rice with chef seasoning and saffron. ..
Herb Spinach Orzo with Fire Roasted Tomatoes
White wine marinated orzo, fresh chopped herbs, finely chopped spinach, fire-roasted tomatoes, roast..
New Orleans Style Dirty Rice
Rice, yellow onion, garlic, green bells, ground beef and pork sausage crumbles, Chef Creole Seasonin..
Southern Style Red Beans with Fluffy White Rice
Slow cooked pinto beans, smoked turkey, Vidalia onions, green bell peppers, chef spices, cayenne pep..
Spanish Rice with Tomatoes
Fluffy long-grain white rice, sauteed with onions, green bells, diced tomatoes & green chilies, ..