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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should I Place My Order?

ou may place your Buy the Pans order online, 24/7 (see our ordering and delivery dates and times below) or in store (11am-8pm 7 days a week) , or via phone (Monday-Friday 10am-5pm). We recommend placing your order 72 hours in advance to ensure that BTP can supply your catering needs. For BTP Holiday all orders MUST be placed within 48 hours of delivery or pickup.

Our pans are made fresh daily by BTP gourmet chefs; and pans are limited daily. By placing your order at least three days in advance, you will have more menu options and desired delivery or pickup times.

When Are My Pans Delivered or ready for pick up?

Orders placed at least 72 hours in advance are delivered on the date and at the time requested (pursuant to our Regular Delivery Hours-see below). To guarantee next-day deliveries, order must be placed by 12:00 noon the day before. We must advise that for orders placed at 12:00 noon the day before, we can only guarantee next-day delivery after 4:00PM. We do not accept next day orders.

When picking up an order please pick up orders at Paschal's located at 180 Northside Drive SW Atlanta, Georgia 30313. Pickup orders can be? Your pickup time will be confirmed via host or email or automated via our website.

For example: An order placed at 12:00 noon on Tuesday, is guaranteed delivery on Wednesday after 4:00PM. To ensure delivery on Wednesday before 4:00PM, you should place your order on Tuesday before 12:00 noon, or anytime Monday or prior.

What are Buy The Pans' Office and Delivery Hours?

Office hours:
Monday through Friday-9:00AM-6:00PM

Regular Daily Delivery Hours:
Monday through Thursday-10:30AM-7:30PM

Holiday ordering hours: Phone: Monday through Friday- 10am- 5pm
In- Store: Every day of the week 11am-8pm
Online: Any day, any time!

No pickups on Thanksgiving, closed on the day after and on Christmas Eve before 5pm and no pickups on Christmas day.

How Will I Know If an Item is Unavailable?

BTP's website will let you know what's in stock, however, after you submit your order, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. Please do not consider your items confirmed until you receive a confirmation email from our team with your full order.

Please review your confirmation email, and if you find that any of your items could not be confirmed, and your taste buds are truly in need that dish, call the reservation line and one of our sales reps try to make your meal complete... no promises, but we will surely give our best effort. (include we will notify you within 24 hours to inform you if there is an issue with an order or an item is unavailable)

May I request modifications to my Pans?

Our menu is designed for quick & easy ordering, and delivery, and unfortunately Buy The Pans does not offer recipe modification. However, we would love to hear how we can better serve you, so please send us your message or suggestions!

When are my pans prepared?

Each pan is prepared fresh, and delivered on the same day of delivery. We must advise that although all pans are prepared on the same day of delivery, items intended to be served hot are delivered at room temperature; and items that are meant to be served chilled are delivered chilled. When scheduling your meal service, please keep in mind that you may need to allot additional time to heating your pans.

What comes with my Pans?

Each pan is delivered with the necessary serving fork, spoon or tongs. If you require cutlery, napkins, plate or cups, please visit our Buy More section, where we offer those and other items to simplify your catering needs!


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