Terms & Conditions

Placing Your Order

You may place your BuyThePans.com order online, 24/7, over the phone, however, orders are only processed during business hours (see our ordering, delivery, and pick up dates and times below). If you place your online order after the close of business, your order will be processed at the start of the next business day. We recommend placing your order at least 72 hours in advance to ensure that BuyThePans.com can supply your full catering needs.

BuyThePans.com recommends that you place your order with as much advance notice as possible. Although 72 hours is the minimum notice recommendation, due to the nature of catering services, our stock, inventory and chef availability fluctuate daily. As such, with 72 hours notice or less, BuyThePans.com may not be able to meet your complete order needs. Please note that Holidays, Conference weeks and dates of special events in the city may result in limited availability of certain menu items; so please order in advance.

By placing your order well in advance, you will have more menu options and desirable delivery times.

Pan Delivery Schedule

Orders placed at least 72 hours in advance can be delivered or picked up on the date and at the time requested (pursuant to our Regular Delivery Hours-see below). To guarantee next-day deliveries, order must be placed by 12:00PM the day before. We must advise that for orders placed at 12:00PM the day before, we can only guarantee next-day delivery after 4:00PM.

For example: An order placed at 12:00PM on Tuesday, is guaranteed delivery on Wednesday after 4:00PM. To ensure delivery on Wednesday before 4:00PM, you should place your order on Tuesday before 12:00PM, or anytime Monday or prior.

Please be advised that BuyThePans.com guarantees that your pans will be delivered within 30 minute window of the confirmed delivery time. For example, if your delivery is confirmed for 12:00PM, you can expect to receive your pans between 11:45AM and 12:15PM.

Due to the nature of catering services, our stock and inventory fluctuate daily; accordingly, orders placed at 12:00PM for next-day delivery after 4:00PM, may be subject to limited availability of some products. Please review your order confirmation, and contact our office with any questions.

Delivery Criteria

For easy and quick delivery, BuyThePans.com must require that the delivery address you provide has a visible entrance. Our delivery staff will deliver your pans to a direct entrance, front lobby or loading/delivery dock. Our delivery staff will not enter office or residence buildings beyond the point of entry, so please make all necessary arrangements for someone to receive your pans.

BuyThePans.com Office and Delivery Hours

Office hours:

- Monday through Friday-9:00AM-6:00PM

- Saturday-8:00AM-2:00PM

- Sunday-8:00AM-10:00AM

Regular Daily Delivery Hours:

    - Monday through Thursday-10:30AM-7:30PM

    - Friday-10:30AM-9:00PM

    - Saturday-10:00AM-5:00PM

    - Sunday-11:00AM-3:00PM

          Item Availability

          BuyThePans.com's website will not indicate what items are in stock, however, after you submit your order, you will receive an email confirming the details of your order. Please do not consider your items confirmed until you receive an email confirming your full order and payment. Your payment will not be processed until your order is confirmed and agreed to in full. If an item from your order is out of stock, or any issues arise we will contact you within 24 hours.

          Please review your confirmation email, and if you find that any of your items could not be confirmed, and your taste buds are truly in need that dish, call the reservation line and one of our BuyThePans.com reps will try to make your meal complete...no promises, but we will surely try our best to satisfy your wants to the best of our ability.

          Pan Modification

          Our menu is designed for quick & easy ordering and delivery. Unfortunately, BuyThePans.com does not offer recipe modification. However, we would love to hear how we can better serve you, so please send us your message or suggestions to info@buythepans.com.

          Pan Preparation and Delivery

          Each pan is prepared fresh, and delivered on the same day of delivery. We must advise that although all pans are prepared on the same day of delivery, they are not delivered hot. Items intended to be served hot are delivered at room temperature; and items that are meant to be served chilled are delivered chilled. When scheduling your meal service, please allow approximately 30 minutes to warm or steam your pans if needed. Chilled items should be immediately refrigerated or put on ice upon delivery.

          Pan Preservation

          Your pans will stay fresh and suitable for serving for up to 3 days, and longer if frozen. We suggest that chilled dishes be refrigerated or put on ice immediately upon delivery, and hot dishes be heated and served, or refrigerated no less than 3 hours after delivery.

          Pan Supplies

          Each pan is delivered with the necessary serving fork, spoon or tongs. If you require cutlery, napkins, plate or cups, please visit our Buy More section, where we offer those and other items to simplify your catering needs!

          Cancellations, Returns, Refunds & Credit

          Orders placed at least 30 days in advance of delivery may be cancelled up until 1 week (7 days) before the delivery/pick up date-you may opt for either a refund or BuyThePans.com credit to be applied to your next order. If you would like a refund, BuyThePans.com will retain an 18% service and cancellation fee, and the balance will be returned to you via check or credit card transaction. If you cancel your order, and would like the credit applied to your next order, BuyThePans.com will retain a 10% service fee, and the balance will be applied to your next BuyThePans.com order.

          If you cancel an order that is due for delivery in 7 days or less, BuyThePans.com will work with you to reschedule your delivery for a new date within 14 days after the original delivery date (excluding holidays, which shall be subject to product and service price increases); however, there will be an additional 25% service fee for rescheduled deliveries. If BuyThePans.com is unable to reschedule your delivery, we must retain the entire cost of goods and services.

          Delivery rescheduling is a one-time courtesy per customer; however BuyThePans.com values all of our customers, and we reserve the right to extend rescheduling services on a case-by-case basis, within our discretion. BuyThePans.com does not accept the return of any items.

          BuyThePans.com Service Area

          BuyThePans.com delivers within the Atlanta Metro area, and as far as 30 miles outside of Atlanta, GA. Please refer to our BuyThePans.com Delivery Map for more details. For deliveries outside of our service area, please contact our office and a BuyThePans.com representative will make the best effort to accommodate your needs.

          For deliveries outside of our service area, please contact our office and a BuyThePans.com rep will make the best effort to accommodate your needs.

          Allergen/Dietary Notice: Please note that our dishes may contain one or more of the following allergens: cereal, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame seeds, eggs, milk, soy, celery and celeriac, mustard, sulphur dioxide and sulphites. To ensure freshness and sustainability of your food, we must insist that you refrigerate or serve your pans immediately upon delivery, and that you follow the preparation and/or serving instructions BuyThePans.com provides. By agreeing to BuyThePans.com's Terms and Conditions, you release BuyThePans.com of and any all liability for any allergic reaction or illness.

          Please call and ask to speak with a BuyThePans.com Representative with any questions. Your health is important to us! Our office number is 404-254-8334.

          Hospitably Yours,