About Buy the Pans

Atlanta based company, Buy The Pans, is a chef-created catering solution, delivering gourmet
dishes and meals straight to your door or office. We offer top quality cuisine for groups as small
as 15, and as large as 1,000.

Developed with our customers in mind, our menu delivers variety, flavor and, most importantly,
ease! With just the click of a button, you and your guests can enjoy southern-style favorites, like
our Six Cheese Mac, culturally inspired fare, like our Sticky Sesame & Teriyaki Chicken
Skewers, or gourmet vegetarian dishes, like our Tofu with Rosemary Butter Sauce & Garden

Buy The Pans is the ideal catering solution for personal gatherings, corporate functions, birthday
and holiday parties, and a myriad of diverse events. We provide large quantity and superior
quality meal options, but unlike traditional catering services that charge by the head, we price by
the pan-this allows you to manage your catering budget with transparency and precision.
Buy The Pans only uses the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure that you, your family and
friends enjoy the most sumptuous spreads. To make sure your dining experience is best it can be,
all of our mouthwatering pans are prepared fresh the day of delivery. Use our simple ordering
process and allow us to deliver your gourmet pans, at the time you request, with no hassle.

About Buy the Basket

Buy The Pans is pleased to offer our one-step, all-inclusive Buy The Basket packages. Each
theme provides full course, chef-created meals, fit to feed between 50 and 100 guests. Our
professional chefs designed each package around traditional favorites that are sure to please the
palates of all of your guests.

Our Buy the Basket packages include everything you need to complete your birthday, business
or family dinner spread. Our kitchen has selected the main entrees, side dishes and desserts to
create the perfect Mexican Fiesta, Italian Table or Picnic buffet. Let us take the guess work and
the hassle out of your culinary needs, need more than a few pans? Buy The Basket!